To heat or not to heat

Today’s blog is going to be about using heat. I know this is a scary subject we’ve all heard about how people have had permanently straight ends and split ends from using heat. But that is not always the case. If you hair is very high in moisture and strength then this will reduce the chance of having split ends or straight ends. But if your hair is already damaged and weak adding heat will in fact make your situation much worst, whereas if your hair is healthy then having a heat routine is the way to go. Before applying heat your need to strip your hair of any chemicals from hair product, so wash your hair before hand with a moisturizing shampoo or a gentle shampoo to get as much moisture as you can into hair. Then put a deep conditioner which will moisturize your hair. Using any heat above 300 degrees is going to damage your hair have it about 180 degrees to be on the safe side. Before using heat always apply a heat protectant so you don’t burn hair. Even if your hair is healthy and strong don’t be using heat everyday let your hair go natural as well alternate between the two if you want. But the less heat you use the healthier you hair. I know today was a short blog but it was a busy week 🙂 come back next week to see my next post.

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